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ERP, some advice please.

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Curly Tom:
alright ERP,
could I quiz you a bit?
As you know I'm struggling on with the 'shrine, writing everything for it, running it, designing it, doing everything for it, it's getting quite difficult, what with my ASs, wanting to write for other sites, eat and sleep!

Anyway, one area I'd like to improve is the forum. It's not bad but it's free, which means, ADVERTS! Bloody hundreads of them, plus loads of bugs and faults.

I've been thinking about using YaBB. If I'm right
it's free, the troube is I'm not sure I could handle it. It says you need HTML knowledge (fine) and Pearl (not fine).

I just wanted to know how easy it is to set up, run, customize etc.
Also I'm going to need quite a bit of hosting space yeah??

sorry to bug you,
any advice welcome.


Ben S:
its fairly easy, if you decide to use it ill give you any help you need, you dont need all that much space, think this is using about 15mb with all the posts etc, its just the bandwidth that can be a pain if you get loads of visitors, yabb isnt really the best solution being flat file you would be best off with yabbse if you can get a server with php and mysql. Anyway just off out now...


Curly Tom:
alright I'll have a mess about with it.
If I need any help I'll give you a shout.

Cheers erp.

Curly Tom:
Ok I've downloaded all the files, so what do I do now? Uppload them?

the trouble I've tried uploading files like and they just appear as text docs. :(

what do I do?

Ben S:
Does the server support cgi?


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