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--- Quote from: Funky_Gibbons on September 18, 2023, 11:16:22 am ---Yup, it was a very mature and clever drive by Sainz. Mercedes probbaly played the better stratergy but Sainz outsmartered them on the track.

I'm very much looking forward to Suzuka to see how Red Bull bounce back. There were rumblings that a new TD that was issued before the weekend regarding flexible floors was affecting the Red Bull. Horner (as you'd expect) played it down and we know Singapore can be an outlier, but if Red Bull are off the pace next weekend it could be quite telling. 

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Yeah Mercedes pretty much broke even with that call, came very close to winning, if they hadnt stopped they wouldnt have passed anyone anyway

Aston Martin were well off it too I thought. Accident or not Stroll actually wasnt improving his time and was going out in Q3 anyway.

Alonso took forever to get past a limping Red bull and ultimately finished last


--- Quote from: voodoo ray on September 18, 2023, 12:28:50 pm ---RB have been saying for ages that they expected Singapore to be their worst race so they seem to have thought something about it wouldn't suit their car.

I fully expect the verstappen win streak to start again in suzuka.

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We all know you're right, but please give us another 6 days to dream of seeing a close fight between 3 or 4 teams at Suzuka!!!  ;D

Piastri has extended with McLaren until 2026. Good move all round, hes clearly a very talented driver and McLaren as a team have been steadily improving over the last couple of years. Good move for all concerned. I do like Piastri, hes very level headed.

Yeah like him a lot. He's clearly got his eye on the #1 seat.

As will come as a shock to absolutely no one here, the FIA have admitted it did not apply the correct procedure to the penalty Verstappen and Sargeant got in Singapore and that both should have been given a 3 place grid penalty rather than a reprimand and $5000 fine.

Red Bull and Williams had both said that it was a mistake on the pitwall and a lack of communication to the drivers rather than a driver mistake. The precedent being that in future, teams could deliberately not tell drivers about backmarkers or hot lap driving cars, impede and then only get a slap on the wrist.

That has been clarified by the FIA as not what they plan to do going forward and that drivers will be penalised regardless of what the driver and teams do.

Drivers like Grand Prix Drivers Association director George Russell has called for clearer communication by race stewards, race director and the FIA in terms of punishments and Lando Norris has said that the penalties need to be harsher as it doesn't appear to be punishing certain teams enough (*Cough* Red Bull *Cough*)


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