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Trump's tiny tiny hands:

Livery launches on Instagram are awful.

Bring back Superbowl Halftime Show-style parades at the Royal Albert Hall with the car being skydived in by the RAF before a performance from Little Mix.

I'm actually surprised Liberty haven't forced through the "launch event" idea where all 10 cars are launched one-by-one over 3 hours on European primetime TV.

What do we think of the news that Cadillac might be joining as a constructor?

Itís a bit like hearing that like there was going to be an Austin Allegro team

I always look forward to pre season testing. Think Max will win the title again but it would be good if it was a three way fight between constructors.
Hopefully Piastri does well, be nice for McLaren to have a competitive car closer to the front.

Also drive to survive is on 24th Feb.


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