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Xmas Name Changes 2023 (probably from 01.12.23 - depending on who's doing it!)

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Ravishing Rick Dude:
Do your worst!


--- Quote from: Ravishing Rick Rude on December  7, 2022, 09:36:02 pm ---Do your worst!

--- End quote ---
Note the thread title...... ;D

Ah, you have to apply to take part in the festive spirit these days!

Dear Santa,
Can I have a festive name please? I habe been good and not once thrown my phone against the wall because of the absolute fucking lovely idiots that post on the internet.

It's funny - some of the 'usual suspects' have either not twigged this thread and this year's approach or they're too afraid of what I might come up with....  :-X ;D

(55 out of almost 45,000 registered users - there's still plenty of dark twistedness left in me yer know....)

Ravishing Rick Dude:

--- Quote from: 24/Swans-a-7ing on December  8, 2022, 05:04:54 am ---Note the thread title...... ;D

--- End quote ---

Thank you, Krampus!  :no



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