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The Sack Race

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Bournemouth sack manager Gary O'Neil.

Ridiculous decision. They were bottom at the start of April.

Ray K:

--- Quote from: Funky_Gibbons on June 19, 2023, 12:40:10 pm ---Bournemouth sack manager Gary O'Neil.

--- End quote ---
Proper order. What was he thinking, getting a team of hopeless championship players staying in the premier league when they could be readying themselves for a crack at the Championship next season?

Barefoot Doctor:
Says they’ll announce their new boss imminently. Must be someone with a fair bit of profile. Marsch came to mind cos of the American owners but who knows.

Stockholm Syndrome:
It'll be Jessie Marsch I am sure, guy always worms his way into a lower level PL job despite never showing any actual skill as a manager


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