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RAWK Hacked..?

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--- Quote from: Claire. on October 23, 2022, 12:33:40 pm ---Orbis OS is PS4 browser?

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Indeed it is and according to one of my unread e-mails I bought it 1/12/ 2013 which makes it nearly 9 yo and a dinosaur when it comes to tech.

I think I've solved the problem though one of my controllers has a sticky square button...It might just of been deleting some of my password as I clicked login...Yes I'm an idiot, sorry for any inconvenience  :-[

In other bad new's I've missed loads of parcel delivery from DHL and missed out on a 37,000 payment to my bank account, because I didnt get to click on a link...Really do need to check my e-mails more often.


Wait people actually use the PS browser?  Amazing.


--- Quote from: tubby on October 25, 2022, 07:36:36 am ---Wait people actually use the PS browser?  Amazing.

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Yeah typing with ten fingers is so overated.
Back when I first got a PS3 I clicked on browser with x button it brought me to the Playstation homesreen , top right corner was a search bar I typed ' LFC blog ' then clicked search...No results found. I then typed 'wikipedia' again no results found. I thought thats a load of shite.
About a year later I went back on the Playstation homesreen and accidentally hit the triangle button. Up popped the google search bar... ;D   

Are you using it to post on rawk? That'd drive me insane, hate typing on a phone and that's got a keyboard-ish.


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