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What Happens Next!- Liverpool FC and FSG

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--- Quote from: Johnny Foreigner on February 26, 2021, 04:42:52 pm ---And the club needs to be "sustainable", while the owners pockets the increase in value.. great

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who knows.
Maybe it might be invested into transfers

Johnny Foreigner:

--- Quote from: MD1990 on February 26, 2021, 04:48:14 pm ---who knows.
Maybe it might be invested into transfers

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You know now..


--- Quote from: MD1990 on February 26, 2021, 04:48:14 pm ---who knows.
Maybe it might be invested into transfers

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I like FSG for bailing us out from Hicks and bringing us the PL, CL, and WC trophies. I am and always have been a LFC supporter. YNWA. FSG brought in a great coach and Klopp brought us up into the Top 4. We needed some great players, and got Van Dijk and Alisson. That gave us a team to win trophies.

But we need to go up another level, and need some more great players to get us at the level of serial winners. Liverpool should be the club that all teams fear as serial trophy winners. Salah shares our plight and want us to win trophies. We need to sign top players, not cheap deals and hope it works out.

Hear the fans at the match ? So frustrating for us supporters. Strongest LFC lineup can't even score against 10 men Arsenal. Man of the match goes to Ben White. This is not a performance of serial winners.

#FSG never spend a penny from their pockets, Klopp has to do wonders on the market to stay competitive. They are a total disgrace. Even the likes of Arsenal and Villa are spending more while we are paying 30 mil on installments. We bought VVD and Alison because we sold Coutinho for over 100 mil. They have nothing to do with the trophies, that's on Klopp, Edwards and the boys and us LFC fans. #YNWA

And the money from PL and CL is being reinvested in the stadium upgrade.  Have FSG actually invested in the club's infrastructure where it matters ? US owners are only interested in profits. #JohnHenry #FSG only reinvest into buildings, and international marketing of the LFC brand to grow the commercial value of the club.

So when John Henry and FSG wants to sell it, they will be able to sell it at a hefty price and walk away with a hugh profit for their initial layout. Profits, profits and profits.

If we happen to win a few more trophies, so much better for them. They are not actually investing in the club's infrastructure where it matters. Where it matters is on the field and our players ? Where it matters for us fans to be serial winners ?

No one is bigger than our #LFC. Not even #FSG or #JohnHenry. We just want them to know we are not blind or drunk on our 2019 and 2020 success. We need to let FSG know that we want to keep Salah and bring in better players to keep on winning.

But we all know FSG only respond to protest. Right from the very beginning, at the time when they wanted to put up ticket prices.

If FSG cannot see the plight of us supporters, we should make some noise. Maybe then FSG can hear us. Make some noise. Help Klopp, help the players, help our team, help the fans, and help our club.


Did Liverpool won? With recent pandemic is the soccer matches in Europe happening?


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