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What Happens Next!- Liverpool FC and FSG

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the 92A:

--- Quote from: SuperWool075 on March 11, 2017, 02:12:51 pm ---Nice one, you've saved me from having to read the post.

--- End quote ---
Your loss😃

Fantastic conversation starter here.  Well out!

That's about as comprehensive an analysis as it's possible to read.

Thanks E2K, outstanding piece.

So. We remain in limbo is my horribly oversimplistic summary.

Excellent read that

Great read. We're lead to believe the owners courted Klopp right from the outset and got him at the 3rd attempt. If that's true they really need to back him fully this summer and allow him to bring in the players he wants irrespective of how much they will cost. Otherwise I don't really what the point was in going to all the effort of getting him.


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