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--- Quote from: gazzalfc on February 24, 2023, 05:48:26 pm ---Margaret Thatcher's press chief Bernard Ingham has died

Continued to peddle the same old bile long after everything came to light.

Good riddance

--- End quote ---
Rest in piss,you wont be missed...

That letter of his is honestly so shocking, just a reminder of how far we came in terms of public perceptions of Hillsborough as that seems to have been the prevailing attitude about it in many parts of the country.


'Bernard Ingham would never revise his stance that 'a tanked-up mob' caused the Hillsborough disaster, despite it being proven to be police lies; In 2012 he confirmed to me that he was repeating what South Yorkshire police had told Thatcher the next day.' -

^ The article linked written by David Conn (and linked to above) from 2012:

Ingram would rather believe the words of the lies of the police than believe the facts and evidence known at the time of the disaster, never mind in later years when he ignored more evidence that came to light. Even after the 2016 Inquests. Seems his ego and political idealism would prefer to acknowledge and embrace the lies... than face the truth. Fuck him.


'Echoes of Hillsborough for Manchester Arena families':-

Manchester Arena attack inquest

Sheffield Wednesday have secretly decreased the capacity of the Leppings lane stand from 4,700 to 3,700 following 'crush like' conditions during the FA cup match with Newcastle.

Sheffield City Council chaired a Safety Advisory Group meeting and made 15 recommendations including the removal of a corrugated fence, a review of ticketing errors and stewarding and a reduction in capacity to 3,700 from 4,700.

But this meeting was held in private and its results were never made public until Newcastle and it's supporters trust made a freedom of information request this week.

The official public line at the time was ‘A review at Hillsborough Stadium over concerns about crowd movements has concluded, stating that all aspects of safety at the stadium complied fully with the club’s Safety Certificate. Minor recommendations were made relating to the overall matchday experience.’

But the same old stuff is happening again.

Armchair expert:
Very good article by Ian Herbert on Sheffield Wednesday and the ground ...I know it's the Daily Mail so if you don't want to read it then basically nothing has changed


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