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 Hillsborough Law

A Hillsborough Dad a Hillsborough Mum
A Hillsborough Daughter a Hillsborough Son.
A Hillsborough Nephew, Uncle or Niece.
Will their loved ones ever find real peace?

A Hillsborough Brother and a Sister too.
A Hillsborough suicide, there's been a few.
A Hillsborough Granddad a Hillsborough Nan.
Hillsborough corruption and lies, to a man.

Hillsborough Flowers and an eternal flame.
Hillsborough prayers and the endless pain.
And for all the other cover ups, plenty more.
Don't stand in the way of a 'Hillsborough Law'

Margaret Thatcher's press chief Bernard Ingham has died

Continued to peddle the same old bile long after everything came to light.

Good riddance


He refused to retreat from his view that the 1989 Hillsborough disaster - which claimed the lives of 97 Liverpool supporters - had been caused by "tanked-up yobs".

And in a 1996 letter replying to fan Graham Skinner - whose friend had died in the disaster - Sir Bernard said Liverpool should "shut up about Hillsborough".

See ya. You're the one shutting up now. Another of the increasing minority of wankers snuffs it.

Dignity my arse - get to fuck and rot in hell with yer bitch.

Ray K:
Hope he died roaring for a priest, as we say the other side of the Irish Sea.

Razor Ruddocks Christmas Booze Binge:
Tremendous news about ingham


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