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So started to put a bit of beef on due to my larger and junk food diet and really want to lose a bit of weight for the summer. Only problem is I don't think I have the motivation to keep up healthy foods and lots of exericise. Wouldn't mind getting a few tips from some people who have gone through this painful experience. Should I just go cold turkey on things like booze and junk food dont really know how to start a "diet" or know what types of food is good and how often I should be eating them? Any tips and discussion is welcome.

Oh and I did a search for "diet" and "losing weight" threads but couldn't find anything so hope this is ok.

Try and find a job working nights. The pounds will fly off, not in a good way though.

Billy The Kid:
I recently gave up beer (well cut down drastically at least) and lost 2 stone in 2 months

2 stone in 2 months just from cutting out the booze and doing nothing else?

Lord Roger Hunt:
This chap had the same problem and lost 2 stone instantly...not sure if it made him happy though..... :(


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