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AGAINST MOD£RN FOOTBALL: A Complaint against Premier League Ticket Prices

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A great piece :)

a day where football fans organise themselves for a one-game country-wide mass-boycott of the Premier League - just to show the clubs, tv, media, sponsors and the likes of the FA, Premier League, UEFA and FIFA that we won't be taken for granted any more - just to send them the message and see their reaction...

sadly I don't think it'd ever happen - the naysayers, people too worried about losing their ticket/loyalty/seat, apathy and selfishness would prevail - and the status quo that all those self-important exploitative and corrupt organisations mentioned above - who all make money from us fans - is maintained.

Divide and conquer indeed. :(


Cracking post - this is all so very true nowadays   >:(
It makes for a very expensive day out - for me and my 2 would set me back over £140 in tickets (for the Cat As) never mind the fuel there and back, food and trip to the shop, not much change out of £300.

Needless to say I won't/can't make a habit of trying for every home game :(

How do we compare with the rest of the league?

Great post......
as much as we would love the games to be free..... or able to watch at a resonable price. .. it's gone... sad to say... but gone
the game has gone for pride... it's now price... balance the books ect...
you want nando.. joe cole.. stevie g... it cost's.... breaks my heart & many others. shanks would be spinning in his grave...
if they let you give blood at the turnstiles...... we'd be in the top area... as i'm sure all real fans of any team would also give.... a plenty
we need a 'fairy' godmother.. someone who has more cash than buisness sense......
i remember jack walker at blackburn..... plenty of cash & a dream... god bless him... he got his dream before he died... cash-he did not care....
football has all but left the 'common' man now....jumpers for goalpost's..... dream on....... dream on..
i love my team with a passion..... it hurt's........ yes it hurt's....god i love my team.... cut me i bleed red.......
sorry if i'm rambling on..... but i'm sure i sing a familiar song.... ..... ... When you walk.... through a storm... hold your head up High...

There's always Tranmere.

The impression I have is that a new ground is required not just to get more bums on seats, but moreso to improve and expand the corporate side of things - that's where the club can really make some money.

Well if that is truly the case, why not release a certain % of tickets each game at a cheaper price? Be specifically for kids or schools perhaps. Or maybe bring the prices down for everyone across the board?

I dunno, would it be right to sell our soul to the corporate devil to enable cheaper tickets for the traditional fan?


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