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AGAINST MOD£RN FOOTBALL: A Complaint against Premier League Ticket Prices

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Link doesn't work I'm afraid...

Totally agree with you, Dave.

The ticket price issue is not only of Football bur these kind of issues are faced in other sports as well
the prices go high that normal people who love sports! are not comfortable to but tickets...
Thanks for raising this issue!

Priory Road:
Good article from the FSA on how supporters will be denied seeing their teams on tv with the connivance of the PL.

Priory Road:
Strange protest against commercialisation of the game in Germany a couple of weeks back.  :D

I guess it is true, comercialization undermines a lot of sports. At the point where even athletes complain about it. Big competitions asking fot huge registration fees for em.
In football it translates especially in the tickets prices...


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