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R.I.P Bobby Wilcox and Lenny Woods

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It was Lenny who wrote 'On our way to Roma' in 1977 wasn't it? For the last three or so home games of that season - all lock-outs - this was the song that the Kop loved singing. It established a mood inside the ground and with the team that took us all the way to our first European Cup. When I think of the Kop at its greatest I think of that song - and 28,000 Kopites swaying as we sung to the music of Arrivederci Roma. "Vatican Bells will be ringing.....": Unforgettable.

RIP Lenny

He'll be deeply missed, he did so much for the reds...

Cormack Snr:
I went to most of the games from 72 to mid 80's until I went to work abroad, I didn't know Bobbie or Lenny but I remember the lad who is in a couple of pictures with Lenny who lived in Halewood and also had a brother who went the game. There were so many great lads who went to all the games with Fitzy and Mick Kay also passing away recently.

I have met many lads who went to all those wonderful 70's and 80's games but we all had our own coaches, bread vans, trains or ways of getting to the game and there must of been thousands of us.

My wife worked with a woman who's husband went to most away games on his motorbike by himself for twenty odd years and I knew a lad who went by himself and carried one of those little pen knives that every kid had in the 70's. I saw him on The Special one day and asked him to join us, he said to me " I operate by myself" When I asked him what do you mean, he said " I go into their end and stab people with my pen knife.

We seen him getting off the train one day in London and he had a jumper with a hole in it with all blood around it, later in the ground at Tottenham we saw him again with a brand new jumper on and another few under his arm. He had robbed a load of those Liverbird jumpers that Littlewoods used to sell from their shop in London.

RIP Bobby and Lenny..


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