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R.I.P Bobby Wilcox and Lenny Woods

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Billy Elliot:

--- Quote from: Shanklygates on September 27, 2020, 08:54:43 pm ---A friend just said Lenny Woods has died. Couldn't find a thread on it but sure a lot of people will remember him. Very sad. Go and find Bobby for a song Lenny. RIP

--- End quote ---

Didn't know him, but knew who he was. In fact, everybody who was at least semi regular on Euro away's (or any aways for that matter) either knew him, or knew who he was.

Always in the ale house, or back of the coach starting the songs. Although I didn't know him, I spoke to him a couple of times. Made me laugh so much.

Great arl timer, he'll be missed. Think the Echo wrote a piece on him once. RIP.

Nice gesture by the club.

I didn't know Lenny at all until we were wandering around the marquis at Sabena Goetchen airport in Istanbul in 2005, the day after, and we heard singing. So we walked towards it - 4 guys in perfect harmony - Bobby Wilcox, Lenny and 2 others. We just stood and listened. Ever since we referred to them as the Barbershop Quartet :D Saw Bobby a lot at Euro aways in airport bars etc, and knew who Lenny was through him. Always say him around.

We have lost a few away regulars since the last match :'(

the 92A:
Good to see the club respond to Lenny who gave so much in his devotion to the club, Echo article for those who don't know Lenny's face. RIP

Lenny and Bobby now reunited in heaven, and probably got St Peter singing the harmonies. Cracking fella was Lenny, always time for you saying hello, whether at an away game, or on the concourse at half time on the Kop. The word legend is sometimes overused, but in his, (and Bobbys case), legend was not enough to describe them. True Scousers, barrel of laughs, and songs for any generation. Always remember the two of them in the bar at Brighton Railway station singing The Deadwood Stage, priceless. Always came out with the same saying as they camped out Ina spot in the bar, And ere we are, and ere we are.

Well done to whoever changed the title of this thread :thumbup


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