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Found this little article on Sky, quoting Gordon Banks as saying David James is a 'nightmare' keeper.

Now i'm no expert and am not casting doubt on his right to commet, but i just cant see the point in ex-players coming out with lines like that, especially from someone as legendary as Banks. What purpose does it serve?

I'm wondering how misleading the article is, just doesn't seem the sort of thing he'd say in isolation?,,1860-1093540,00.html

--- Quote ---England legend Gordon Banks has branded West Ham keeper David James 'a nightmare' and believes England should look again in their search for a regular number one.

Banks's damming indictment comes less than 48 hours before James takes the keepers' shirt for England ahead of their crucial Euro qualifier against Slovakia at Middlesbrough.

Banks believes David Seaman should carry on between the post and he is convinced that Leeds star Paul Robinson would be a better long-term option.

Banks said: "I don't think James is the right man for the job. He's OK on his line and is a good shot stopper, but he's a nightmare when he comes off his line.

"I believe Robinson is better qualified than James to be number one and so is Liverpool's Chris Kirkland.

"But I would really like to see Seaman carry on for a while yet because he is such a good goalkeeper and the others are not quite ready in my opinion."

The attack from Banks will come as a major blow to James, who only established himself as Seaman's successor in the national team this year.

James, meanwhile, pledged his loyalty to West Ham on Monday and revealed that England boss Sven-Goran Eriksson assured him it would not alter his decision to pick him in the future.
--- End quote ---

Personally I think James is the best England have for the coming season.


--- Quote from: Gordon Banks on June 10, 2003, 01:49:37 pm ---
"I don't think James is the right man for the job.

--- End quote ---

I bet Jameo said the same thing when Gordon applied for the position of Davids Cheuffeur

lol  ;D

It is pointless.

What has Banks achieved by saying this? Apart from maybe denting a decent blokes confidence.

Maybe he thinks people are forgetting about him and wants his name brought back up and wants to see that save on tele again.

No need for him to say anything, just keep yer mouth shut like everyone else.


Dunno about you, but I think that save from Pele is so over-rated. It could have proved to be a match saver (it didn't) but was nowhere near in the same class as Schmeichels from El Hadj Diouf last month or David Seamans in the semi or for that matter, Jameo's in the '95 Worthy final.


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