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British media pull through again!


Was watching Sky News earlier around 15mins past the hour. Amidst a shooting near Heathrow, a plane crash and a bus crash in Turkey (i think) the divs thought they'd rather concentrate on David Beckscum's OBE

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well surely at 15 minutes past the hour they have done the main headlines?!!!

and whats this got to do with general footy dicussion?!!

Are you surprised that Sky, who if IIRC have a large stake in Man Utd (9.99%?), will show anything remotely to do with the Mancs.

Watching Sky News is painful sometimes, the present Beckham to anyone transfer gets main billing on the footy front, and Murdoch's papers follow suite by overblown coverage and seemingly made-up quotes.

Surprised that Man U have so many 12.30 kick-offs on a Saturday? - it's all for the benfit of the far-east market and merchandising there - If they can saturise the coverage (and my non-LFC m8s over there say they are).

Sadly, it used to be mainly Liverpool that were the big team over there - probably why the club aimed to go there twice in 3 years, and may go next season...

Conspiracy theory over.


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