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Cardiff hero Andy Campbell


Anybody else remember him playing at Anfield?

I don't mean the fact that he bore a striking resemblence to Davey Fairclough on Sunday.

He came on for Middlesbrough for his debut in 1996 (Rushy's last home game). Anyway, he was only drafted in to the squad very late due to injuries, so late in fact that he didn't even have a squad number, and played in a blank shirt. Perhaps the only player in the Prem to do this?

This game was memorable for me for the fact that I actually managed to grab hold of Rushy's shirt in the melee. but unfortunately went home empty handed.  :(

Jonathan Hall ☆☆☆☆☆☆:
 ;D Poor Stoz.

A response at last  ;D

I remember it, though i wouldnt have started a thread about it!  ;)

Scott Parker didnt have a sponsors logo on his shirt when Charlton played against us at Anfield a couple of weeks ago.



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