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Tommy Vercetti:

Can I post a general English Premier League website for the list?

If you fancy watching (or joining in with) the geordies and mackems exchanging pleasantries like "I hope you die of aids, you c*nt", or "get burnt to death in a car crash you twat" , then the SKUNKERS  board is for you!   ;D

Downside is you have to register to even read it.

Kerrydale Street Celtic fans forum have always been supportive with regards to the JFT96 campaign,
so here is the link to that forum;

Saying as we have such strong links with Borussia Monchengladbach maybe we should have a few of their links on this section?

In German, but if you wanted to post something on it, there are translation sites all over, like Babelfish for instance.



In Turkish, but most of the users know English. It is discussion forum about all sports branchs that Galatasaray are competiting like Football,Basketball,Voleyball,SuperLeague Formula etc. Also you can get useful information about Turkish Social life.


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