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Rawk guide to non Liverpool fansites

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Here's something I've lifted from another site - might be of use in this thread:

--- Quote ---I've made my first ever website

It has been designed to help you find the most popular fans forums, official sites, fanzines and newspapers from all over the UK. It is up to date for the 2008/2009 season.

The page you get should look like this if you get a page try again later I'm trying to sort this problem out with my server that some people have.

If the admin donít mind me putting this here can it be made a sticky as is a useful resource for all fans?

I hope you find it helpful and worth adding to your favourites for future reference
--- End quote ---


General football discussion forum very busy one of that.

this is a great hibs forum. its the one i go on

New English Footie site that I have just created - - trying to get a general feel throughout the site rather than catering for just the big four in the EPL.

Forum is at also


--- Quote ---Newcastle Online - a very polished site with popular forums.
--- End quote ---

Sadly no longer seems to exist.


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