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any serious "sports" cyclists here that want to swap tips.I've just taken it up and in the past week have clocked up over 500km.Taking a break from running to sort out a hip problem.

Break the bank for a good pair of shoes and good saddle, they are your most important pieces of kit (except the bike obviously!) What bike are you using?

M(oaning) B(ecomes) E(mbarrassing):
Aye, I'll swap tips with you mate.  What sort of bike you riding?  I have a Bianchi 1885 with Ultegra and I love it.  I rode the White Rose Classic sportive event last Sunday and I'm planning on another big Sportive in Lanky on 6th August.  That one is 160K and 3,000 metres of climb so it's a toughy.  I'll also be doing the Liverpool/Chester/Liverpool which is coming up soon as well.  I do about 5 sessions on the bike and about 5 of running per week as well so yes, let me know what you want to know and vice versa. 

at the moment I'm using a trek MTB(see below) but will shortly be getting a "race" bike.


Alpha SL Aluminum

Front Suspension
RockShox Judy J1 w/preload, 80mm

Shimano M475 disc hubs; Bontrager Camino alloy rims

Shimano M410 42/32/22

Rear Derailleur
Shimano Deore

been thinking of getting something like this...


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