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A deflected goal, two ricochets that went straight to a Wolves player (second one obviously ended up with a centre-half smashing the ball into the roof of our net).  Keita's deflected shot and ricochets straight to (yet again) a Wolves player and he ends up smashing it away.  I'm also convinced Neves miscontrols Troare's cross and that spins right into his path and he slots it away.

Things just aren't going our way at the minute.

We really didn't have any attacking threat apart from Nunez who showed good pace at times.  The lack of attacking threat is understandable in the circumstances.

I thought Bajcetic MOTM.  For an 18 year old, superb.

Keep smiling folks, could be worse...

Everton next...

Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Disappointed
« Last post by stockdam on Today at 01:58:35 pm »
I live down south and in my 53 years of experience, Arsenal fans are the worst fans in England.  They're the first to gloat and boast about their own team when things are going well.  And they go on and on and on and on about it.  And on.

They're also the first to boo their own team if things aren't going well.  And they do it vociferously.  I can't stand them as a fanbase and when I'm introduced to someone who turns out to be an Arsenal fan my heart sinks.

Wow. This is just what I wrote and is what I see when watching an Arsenal match. They are like proud peacocks when winning but instantly flip to calling for everyoneís head when they arenít winning.
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: FSG discussion thread
« Last post by Clint Eastwood on Today at 01:56:10 pm »
Also, Pep did a long interview with the Athletic where he basically talked about his role in signing some of the players we are now scratching our heads over. It really doesn't help. (Paywalled link below)
I don't think he comes across badly there at all. He stresses quite clearly that they only sign players when everyone involved is fully on the same page. I don't buy the idea that Ljinders/Klopp are demanding players that the scouts/analysts/sporting directors don't like.

Something is wrong behind the scenes that has led to staff leaving, but I think it's more the uncertainty and general direction of the club rather than Ljinders.
General Football and Sport / Re: Spanish Football
« Last post by Gerry Attrick on Today at 01:56:02 pm »
If Madrid lose this I would say the league is over.
That was good from Mighty Potter, not sure Iíve given him enough credit up til now
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Disappointed
« Last post by stockdam on Today at 01:52:49 pm »
ď Arsenal fans were saying that we're not really liked because we come across as entitled whining gobshites.Ē.

And you base the comment on the opinion of several Arsenal fans who base their opinion on their own biased views.

Anytime I have watched us against Arsenal their fans are the ones who come across as entitled assholes. When they are winning they are pompous assholes but as soon as the game turns around they are calling for everyone in the club to be sacked.

However that is based on only a couple of hundred of them and to be honest probably only the 10 loudest ones. I screen out the ones who are quiet or who say reasonable things.

So these Arsenal fans have listened to hundreds of thousands of Liverpool fans and have come to a balanced conclusion? Or maybe they are just spouting a biased view that is not based on anything apart from their existing beliefs. When they hear or read one Liverpool fan who reinforces their view then that supports what they say; they screen out all the other comments that donít support their belief.

We all have beliefs about other fans and, in general, these are not unbiased beliefs.

In short, I donít give two shits about what Everton or Arsenal fans think (or rather a very small selection of them that you talked to). Their views will not change due to anything you or I say and so I wouldnít lose any sleep over it.

They have fans who are arseholes. They have fans who know a lot about football too. So have we. Averaged over several million fans worldwide Iíd say that most fan bases are similar. Some will have elements that make most noise but overall there are all shades of fans supporting all clubs.

By all means talk to other fans but donít listen to generalisations as they are generally full of shit (just like my generalisation).
Gaming Board for consoles, PC & mobile / Re: Esports Boxing Club
« Last post by ToneLa on Today at 01:48:20 pm »
Early Access on PC yeah

News and Current Affairs / Re: Aren't Tories Wankers!
« Last post by kavah on Today at 01:43:48 pm »
...she has a very, very safe seat...

Given she tonked the economy overnight alongside her nutjob chancellor I donít know how safe her seat is anymore.

from Wiki:

SW Norfolk is a "Strong Right" seat characterised by socially conservative values and strong support for Brexit.

Those folks aren't voting Lib Dem or Labour anytime soon
Media and Arts / Re: DC Mega Topic, it's not the MCU
« Last post by Armand9 on Today at 01:43:18 pm »
i hear what you're saying but why start where he has? oh yeah, it's his favourite Robin...

I really want Gunn to succeed and steer the ship on an awesome era of DC movies etc. But i dont think he can get out of his own way. Look how many of those starting projects are gunn's 'passion projects', things you would see as typical Gunn - obscure quirky groups, in other words he can write them as he wants with little push back cos they're hardly known. I think most (?) people are bored with the unfunny Marvel 'humour' that saturates their universe and now we're going to get a Gunn 'humour' saturated DC universe? i hope the fuck not.

And he's doing similar with Robin (tho he wont be able to be so loose with the narrative), his favourite version, which now pushes batman to what? mid thirties in age? He did talk about the wider Batman family, so skipping straight to Damien Wayne allows for previous Robins now being in their subsequent non Robin roles. Which some would like, as would i, but why are we 'rushing' to that point from the off?

Anyway, my point being is this the Gunn universe or the DC universe? He specifically said it's not the Gunn universe but this early peek at his sketched out projects to date sure as hell look like a boat load of his passion projects. Even tho i didn't like his Suicide Squad movies (tho liked his Guardians) i trust him somewhat with obscure quirky groups but writing and directing Superman? Fuck me if we get his usual humour laden laid back quirky take on things, i can't see it being something special, which we all hope for.

I feel he needs to forget the fuck about Marvel (who at the moment are drowning in their own shite anyway, following a pathetic phase) and just build up the DC universe more akin (ironically) to how Marvel started out, single hero movies building up an overall arc, make sure they hit good and hard and you'll have the fans and public on a wave with you. Adding in all these obscure projects so early (later is fine, once the universe is established) seems incredibly risky with most people going 'who'? Stories built on strong recognisable characters hit home better with joe public, rather than many obscure groups/individuals, seems a very strange choice so early on to me.
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