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Liverpool Supporters Club in Manchester?

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Judge Red:
O’Neill’s in the printworks has been decent for games. Plenty of reds in there when Ive happened to be in the city. Last watched the Chelsea game in there when Sturridge pinged one in from distance. Scouser moonwalked around the pub giving it the big ‘un. Was majestic.

[You may have an iPhone but you are still using the free version of Tapatalk and spamming us with that knowledge]

I live in Spinningfields in Manchester and I have tried watching Liverpool in a pub near my flat.

At half time some lad got up and shouted, "Not watching this shite" and then turned it off at the mains. I didn't fancy turning it back on as he looked like a proper scumbag so I left and went in a pub on Deansgate called The Sawyers Arms. I walked in and as I was at the bar loads were shouting "murderers" at the TV.

I haven't been in a pub watching us since.

I had a ST for 7 years so it wasn't so bad, but the lad wanted it back this year so I've had to just watch TV at home.

It would be good to know of some fellow reds in Manchester as it would be good to lift share when games begin again.

I may have had just one bad experience though, and if I were to go in on another day, then maybe no one will bother...

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