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'Liverpool - Road to FA Cup Victory 2022 🏆' - an 11 minute video from Anfield Legend:-


--- Quote from: oojason on May 16, 2022, 11:33:38 am ---
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"What he is doing? WHAT HE IS DOING!" :lmao


^ ;D

'"I won't appreciate Liverpool's success until I retire!" | Jordan Henderson discusses trophy wins':-


''I'm a committed anthem booer' | Why Liverpool fans boo | Ugly origins of 'Scouser'' - a 7 minute video at Off The Ball:-

'This is why Liverpool fans boo the national anthem and this is what would stop it':-

'Liverpool fans booing the national anthem - throughout many domestic Cup Finals over the years' (a 'Liverpool Audio / Video Thread' post):-


'Jürgen Klopp's pre-match press conference | Southampton':-

'Klopp asked about booing of the national anthem: "I know our people wouldn't do it unless there's a reason for it."':-

Also: "Of course I have thoughts, but in this situation the best question is 'why does this happen?' The people do not do it for no reason. Maybe we should ask this question?"

Edit: The embargoed section of Klopp's pre-Southampton conference : (4 minutes)


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