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I (and many in the UK) lost interest when Plan B kicked in and all the franchises start moving around.

Final straw was when the Browns left their old stadium and the dogpound. Kosar, Ozzie Newsome, Kevin Mack, McNeil, Earnest Byner, etc. Screw the Broncos.  :'(

Big Ig:
Heheh! You were a Browns fan in the Schottenheimer days eh? I was a Broncos fan when they beat the Browns with 'The Drive' in the AFC Championship game ('86? or later?)... Didn't the Browns change into the Ravens, then another Browns franchise was set up? I liked it best when there were 28 teams and the Raiders were the only team known for flitting about all over the shop... now everyone's at it  :no


Mad season is nigh on!!!

Big Ig:

--- Quote from: Vinay on August  8, 2005, 01:59:59 am ---;D

Mad season is nigh on!!!

--- End quote ---

En Anglais s'il vous plait  :P

Dread Breath:

--- Quote from: ALPH1217 on August  8, 2005, 01:31:45 am ---Red Death, I'm a bit confused, mate. Is this guy a punter or a field goal kicker? If he's a punter he won't have a holder.

--- End quote ---

A punter: he also has to hold for the kicker for some reason. Something to do with the 3rd QB not being allowed or something.


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