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Liverpool are shite

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Shite start to the season. I mean, not managing to score more than one goal in each game and not having more than one scorer, shite.

Shite signings, particularly shite in defence, where we don't have enough centre backs.

Shite strategy holding on to Suarez, who is seven shades of shite himself, like Lucas.   We should have sold him to Arsenal and bought Ozil and nineteen teenagers on a free instead.

Sturridge, shite, will never make it for Andorra, let alone England.  Shite goal celebration.

Sterling, Coutinho, excellent haircuts.

Simon Mindyourlanguage, shite keeper.  Can't hold on to a ball that's hit at him, beats them all away.  Brilliant distribution of the ball though. And Belgians, when have they done anything of worth in football?  Moules frites, that's French innit?

Shite manager, babbling on about "the group" instead of overpaying for expensive tossers like Willian, who can't even spell their name correctly.

LFC, shite.

I'm glad somebody had the balls to say it.


Misleading threads on footie forum



Still shocked we haven't gone for Carlton Cole on a free, only Rodgers would miss out on an opportunity like that


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