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General Arsenal Thread - Feb PL game postponed due to pesky Liverpudlians

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I must say alot of you on here think Arsenal will finsh 4th place. I thnk all you fans and pundits are going to be in for a shock if you underesitmate the Arsenal, we maybe young but we finshed 3rd above you last season and this year we can be title contenders no doubt.

Do you hate the fact that i overestimate Arsenal this season?

I was not one of the posters who wrote off Arsenal's chances. I think Nasri is a great addition to your squad. I think that if your major players (Fabregas, Adebayor), stay free form injury, you are more than capable of mounting a serious title challenge.

The same old questions remain though, will you be able to deal with the more physical sides? i.e. Stoke and Hull who will more than likely park a bus in front of the goal for  90 minutes. What is your backup plan if your beautiful football doesn't bring you the results.

We will finish above arsenal this season.


--- Quote from: Fabregas_Gooner on August 19, 2008, 04:15:20 am --- we maybe young

--- End quote ---

Anybody else finding the "young arsenal team" tag a little tedious?? Haven't you had a young squad for the last 3 years??!

Back on topic, I haven't written off Arsenal's chances and don't think anyone with half a brain would either. You have a great team and play fantastic football however, I think that people see us and yourselves fighting it out for third and we're hoping that you'll finish below us.....simple really.

And they say us Reds are paranoid!


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