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Guess who I just met in the Asda?

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Neil D:
Just been doing my weekly shop in the Asda on Smithdown Road with my girlfriend and my mate and we're just coming to the end of the store when my mate spots somebody and calls me over...

"Is that Momo?!" he shrieked like a girl and there he was all 8ft 9ins of the brute himself! He was shopping with his girl and a mate who looked like a Borrower compared to him, she was pretty and was pushing the trolley while Momo was mooching about trying to look conspicious with this beanie hat on.

My mate was going on that I should go say hello and get a picture with him but I thought if I was doing my shopping I wouldn't want some goon lumbering over and begging for a pic but I thought I've got to say hello. I don't know who was more nervous me or him - he looked dead embarassed and was looking around like he hoped nobody noticed, I said excuse me and asked him if he was going to be fit for Saturday he said he doesn't know but smiled so I wished him luck and shook his hand. He seemed dead sound but a bit shy. I then walked off unable to function and forgot to buy the pizza I was going to get for my tea!

Started texting my mates while we looked for a queue, so we find a till by the beer aisle and we're loading our stuff on and then Momo's girlfriend comes over and joins the queue behind us, him and his mate arrive and I'm trying to act cool while I load up my shopping (or my girlfriend and mate did while I stood there wondering what food he'd got in his trolley). Finally got to paying and just about managed to get the money out my wallet and pay the woman without making too much of a fool of myself and then Momo and his girl smiled at us as we got off. Walked past his car on the way out, a really flash BMW. It's a good job I wasn't driving cos I'd have crashed on the way out trying to see him!

[If you didn't notice I'm really excited  ;D]

saw him a few hours ago getting his hair cut on smithdown

hes in there every week or so

what haircut does he get?


Bet that made going to Asda a slightly less torturous experience than it usually is.

Armchair and I dont care:
So what interesting foodstuffs did he buy? ...and OF COURSE his girlfriends pretty.  When you earn as much as he does (football players do) there's gotta be something wrong if you're girl's not pretty  ;)  (mind starts to wonder about Rooney? Coleen's got her claws well and truly into him, poor lad.  I reackon she plays the guilt trip over that granny incident  ;D)


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