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--- Quote from: Scottymuser on November  8, 2021, 07:35:36 pm ---
So, prior to the 3-3 against brighton, where he started but went off well before the concession of the 3 goals, in Keita's last 16 starts we had scored 51 goals and conceeded 8.  To me that suggests we are a much better side with him in the team, but offensively and defensively - it's just his injury record.  But Thiago's much longer, and more consistent, injury problems haven't stopped most of this forum from the day we bought him from claiming he was the answers to our MF woes creatively, so I think it a little unfair to pick out only Naby as being prone to that

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Yep. Thiago has been just as unreliable and boy, do we need him now more than ever. He's been average thus far on his comeback but he's always slow to get back to full fitness

Good to have him back, he adds something we don't really get from our other midfielders. Thought him coming on improved us a lot.

Took over when he come on, would be awesome to see him and Thiago start together.

Ox can struggle against low blocks, he needs space to drive into and when he doesnít get it itís not clear what he offers. Keita is happier in tight areas. Good to have him back this evening.

We played better 2nd half when he came on, the passing and movement was much quicker and Newcastle struggled.

I hope he starts against Spurs.


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