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He needs sacking off the set pieces though. Abominable.

He shouldn't be anywhere near CM ever again - the first half was like watching a puppy chase a ball, he just doen't havethe right instincts to play in that position. On either flank he's like a carbon copy of Kuyt - hard work, game intelligence, a really good appreciation of when to cut in and when to go out wide and a good instinct for when to get in the box. I really rate him in that position and I hope he sticks around.

I have no idea why he is on set pieces though - they were dreadful all game.

What a pass to Coutinho for his goal, brilliant awareness and the touch to pull it off was exceptional.

But yes, his corners are gash

Who took the corner that sakho scored from?

Indian Scouser:
I think he's good when playing out wide or in a midfield 3. Just not in a midfield 2.

Oh, and he really needs to get those corners sorted. Scary to think that he's the best corner taker we have.

Anyway, he comes up with the goods when it matters and that's all that counts. What a fucking cross at the death. This is exactly what we bought him for: using his experience and quality to get us over the line in tight matches.


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