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Martin has signed for Fenerbahce for an undisclosed fee. What do you think about him?

As a LFC and FB fan who lives in Istanbul, i always admire transfers from Premier League. Almost all of the major transfers from EPL, play like a beast in Turkey.

We love Skrtel type tough guys and looking forward to see him in Fenerbahce Stadium.

He won't be remembered as fondly as some other players from that era *cough cough Agger cough cough Lucas*  because he wasn't as talented, but he was as commited and loyal as them, and if we're being honest far more important. But that's the thing with supporters isn't it? We crave for loyal and commited players but only if we think they're good enough, if not we couldn't see their backs quick enough.

Gonna miss him and his bald head
Goodbye Skrtel and good luck!

Kenny's Jacket:
Why are fees undisclosed?


--- Quote from: Kenny's Jacket on July 16, 2016, 11:30:20 am ---Why are fees undisclosed?

--- End quote ---

In Turkey, sport clubs have aggreements with stock market, they don't have to announce official prices if they are below 5m .


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