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Al 666:
A couple of interesting articles from the Boston Globe owned and run by the Henry family.

RedBird will become the 3rd biggest partner in FSG. Behind Henry, Werner and slightly above Gordon.

FSG is fluid but currently Henry, Werner and Gordon currently own 10%+ each.

The other is that Seth Klarman a partner in FSG made a significant investment in the RedBall failed SPAC.

Al 666:
FSG partners.

Theodore Alfond
William Alfond
Maverick Carter
Thomas R. DiBenedetto
Michael Egan
Patrick Egan
David Ginsberg
Mike Gordon
John W. Henry
Linda Pizzuti Henry
Josh Jacobson
LeBron James
John A. Kaneb

Sam Kennedy
Seth Klarman
Larry Lucchino
Henry McCance
Phillip H. Morse
Michael Pucker
Bruce Rauner
RedBird Capital Partners
Frank Resnek
Laura Trust
Paul Wachter
Herb Wagner
Thomas C. Werner


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