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--- Quote from: Frank. on September 12, 2011, 03:04:47 pm ---Didn't he call the Chelsea squad 'slow and old' or something?

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Yeah, said they have alot of old players that played slowly.

Just not a good fit.

I think it's the style of Chelsea just doesn't suit him. And then he just lost confidence.

When I watched Chelsea last season, their midfield was ridiculously bad. I think Mata and Meireles would improve them a lot, but now he doesn't get to play with them because of that interview. He should really shut his mouth sometimes. Does he not have an advisor on these things? Anyway if AVB has fallen out with him then I can see him transferred in January.

He lost that yard of pace, was rushed back since we depended on him to get the goals and just never recovered really.

He's shown glimpses that he was close to recapturing his old form again but it's fizzled out again, he just doesn't seem arsed anymore, think the fame from the media and the heights he reached on a personal level by being our main striker for near enough 4 years went to his head, so when things don't go his way, he starts having a tantrum instead of picking his head up and trying to improve.

Fucking loved the lad when he was here, hated the way he left but still want him to do well, he scored some important goals for us, saved our necks a few times aswell, just didn't have the right attitude in the end and turned from an idol willing to fight for the win into a glory hunter wanting it handed to him.


--- Quote from: killer_heels on September 12, 2011, 03:07:03 pm ---He has been rubbish with nearly every striker he has played with, so I wouldn't bank on him ever being good with Suarez.

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Carragher had always been rubbish at CB, but he eventually won a Champions League there.

One of these asking the exact same question was locked the other day.

Who knows what happened to him. Psychological probably. Sure plenty of sports psychologists would have an opinion


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