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I know alot of people are going to reply by saying they couldnt give a fuck, but for the other I'm interested in your opinions:

Just what the fuck has happened to him and where does he go from here?

Dropped for Daniel Sturridge, 1 goal in 22 appearences for Chelsea, not even in the squad for Spain. What a fall from grace.

It's not a question of losing a yard of pace for me as he'd obviously already lost that at ours. But he still managed 9 goals for us in half a season, 6 of those under Roy fucking Hodgson! And before he moved to Chelsea he'd scored 3 in 4 league games under the King (one of them a belter against Blackpool), hit the post against Everton and had one wrongly dissalowed against Fulham for offside when he was on. Noone's going to convince me he lost his pace in the 3 days it took for the deal to Chelsea to be completed.

It looks to me a combination of things. I think, much like Andy Carroll, the team he joined didnt play the style of play needed to bring the best out of him. They then went out this Summer to buy players that would link up with Torres like we did (for Raul and Mata see Downing and Adam for Carroll). But so far it hasnt worked out has it. And with each passing game, each passing 5 minutes on as a sub the ratio of goals to appearences just gets more embarassing and his confidence gets highly affected. I think we're saying definite signs as well that Torres needs to be the main man at a club (see him at Atleti and at ours) but struggles when he's a cog in the machine like with Spain and Chelsea.

Where do people see him going from here? Will he rediscover some of his form? Will he stay at Chelsea past this season? Is that all she wrote for him as a top level player? Is it the end of him in England?

Didn't he call the Chelsea squad 'slow and old' or something?

It's Jimmy Corkhill:
It's his own fault, he shouldn't have left here. He's too good not to start scoring goals though, but he's never gonna be the player he was for us under Rafa. Injuries and a lack of a side set out to his strengths will see to that.

Think he'd have been fine with Suarez as he buzzes about everywhere anyway.

I have taken great joy in his demise. I honestly hope he never scores again. I know it's small time and bitter but it's just how I feel.

a treeless whopper:

--- Quote from: It's Jimmy Corkhill on September 12, 2011, 03:04:51 pm ---Think he'd have been fine with Suarez as he buzzes about everywhere anyway.

--- End quote ---

He has been rubbish with nearly every striker he has played with, so I wouldn't bank on him ever being good with Suarez.


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