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'Hillsborough trial: Men acquitted as judge rules no case to answer':-

'Hillsborough: trial of former South Yorkshire police officers collapses':-

Judge rules two former officers and ex-solicitor accused of perverting the course of justice have no case to answer

'Daughter of Hillsborough victim tells collapsed trial 'my dad was buried with a lie'':-

'CPS statement on Hillsborough ruling':-

'IOPC statement following today's ruling at the Denton, Foster and Metcalf trial' (IOPC were the 'Independent Police Complaints Commission'; IPCC):-

'Liverpool FC statement':-

'Updates as Steve Rotheram, Andy Burnham and Margaret Aspinall lead Hillsborough press conference':-

'Video: Aspinall, Burnham and Rotheram press conference':-

Margaret Aspinall, Andy Burnham and Steve Rotheram offer their reaction to latest developments in the judicial process relating to the Hillsborough disaster. (a 34 minute video - free to watch)

'The victims of the Hillsborough disaster have been denied justice again':-

'Today is another kick in the teeth and emotions are running high. If you are struggling please get in touch, the support is here':-

Hillsborough Survivors Support Alliance -

'Hillsborough: why has the trial collapsed and what happens next?':-

'The Hillsborough judgment: what just happened?':-

'Phil Scraton On The Hillsborough Trial: TAW Special' - 50 minute audio piece - free - from The Anfield Wrap:-

Phil Scraton joins The Anfield Wrap to talk about the collapse of the Hillsborough trial where a judge decided there was no case to answer… or

& RAWK's 'The Hillsborough Trials' thread, by Phil Scraton -

• Brian Reade -

'A judge has stopped the final Hillsborough trial before it goes to a jury meaning although 96 people were ruled to be Unlawfully Killed no-one of any note has been dealt with by the law. There will be no appeal.'

• Brian Reade -

'Despite 164 police statements being “significantly amended” the judge believes the evidence was not strong enough to prove two ex-police officers and an ex-police solicitor perverted the course of justice.'

• David Conn -

'Mr Justice William Davis has ruled that the statements were changed for Lord Justice Taylor's public inquiry, but that was "not a course of public justice," it was an "administrative exercise."

So the "course of justice" cannot have been perverted by the changed statements.'

• David Conn -

'Hillsborough: Should be remembered that changing police statements has been a scandal: after the 2012 panel report, PM David Cameron apologised in parliament for them.
Today: no case that they perverted the course of justice because the Taylor inquiry wasn't a course of justice.'

• David Conn -

'CPS says stopping of the trial is "surprising."

"That a publicly funded authority [police] can lawfully withhold information from a public inquiry charged with finding out why 96 people died ... without sanction of any sort, may be a matter which should be subject to scrutiny."'

• Joe Thomas -

'This felt like a shambolic prosecution which had lost the faith of many long before today's heartbreaking conclusion.
A lot to be written and said about how the criminal prosecutions linked to Hillsborough have unfolded, and what it means about the British justice system'

• Joe Thomas -

'Deanna Matthews, whose uncle was unlawfully killed at Hillsborough, references other justice battles: “This has always been much wider than the 96.”
Said fight for the Hillsborough Law will continue: ‘There shouldn’t have to be a law to tell the truth’'.

• Adrian Tempany -

'#Hillsborough Judge rules today that there is no case to answer for the authorities responsible for one of the biggest miscarriages of justice in British history. Their crimes just an 'admin exercise'. What a rotten, corrupt, broken country'

• Adrian Tempany -

'After Judge Davis's ruling that the cover-up suspects have no case to answer, consider this - the police can now withhold information from a public inquiry into an event in which their gross negligence leads to the unlawful killing of 96 people, & face no sanction'

• Margaret Aspinall - “What a disgrace. I felt at the start it was going to be another stitch up and that’s what it is.”

'Margaret Aspinall gives me her reaction after a judge said 3 men accused of perverting the course of justice had no case to answer over #Hillsborough':- (with a 2 minute video)

• Sheila Coleman -

'No surprise at today’s Hillsborough decision. It was always on the cards. Silenced us for all these years with threats of Court action if we spoke and prejudiced legal proceedings. Some of us saw their game.'

• Steve Rotheram -

'32 years ago, 96 innocent people were unlawfully killed, yet still nobody has been brought to justice.
For those who claim the establishment don't close ranks when their wrongdoing is exposed, today's ruling is a prime example that justice only applies to some.'

• Andy Burnham -

'This is a disgrace and so disrespectful to the families.
Why was it not left to the jury to decide?
From what I have witnessed first-hand over the last four years, I can only conclude that the scales of justice in this country are weighed heavily against ordinary people.'

• David Conn - (with link to audio of South Yorkshire police ex-solicitor's QC lies today)

'Astonishing, narrative being spread even today, by South Yorkshire police ex-solicitor's QC, of a "riot" by Liverpool supporters at Hillsborough.
The inquests jury concluded in 2016, after the longest case ever, that no misbehaviour by Liverpool fans contributed to the disaster.'

• Inquest -

'Thoughts with bereaved families & survivors. 96 men, women and children unlawfully killed & no one held to account at a corporate or individual level. Highlights systemic failings of the justice system to deal with state crime and cover ups. Urgent need for #HillsboroughLaw now.'

• Phil Scraton on The Anfield Wrap - (with 2 minute video)

'"I hope the families will be seen as a mass of people, severely hurt but rising up as one to fight the state, fight the police and other interested parties."

"And it might not seem it this week... They won." - Phil Scraton on The Hillsborough Trial'

• Adrian Tempany - (an 11-part twitter thread)

1/ 'Yesterday's trial of 3 suspects for the cover-up collapsed on a technicality - Judge Davis ruling that their alleged falsification of evidence was submitted to the Taylor inquiry, which was not a course of justice.

2/ So, Davis ruled, it (Taylor) could not be perverted by amended police statements. Once again, we come back to the huge mistake in the CPS overlooking the role played by West Midlands Police in the Hillsborough cover-up

3/ The WMP were appointed to assist the Taylor inquiry, and then retained as advisers to the appalling coroner, Stefan Popper, at the first inquests into the disaster, held from late 1990 to March 1991, which returned a verdict of Accidental death

4/ WMP - and not SYP - were detailed to take witness statements from the eyewitnesses right at the centre of the disaster: spectators, and survivors of the crush, both outside the ground and in the central pens. I was one of those witnesses, and gave a statement to WMP in July 89

5/ Many of those witness statements were falsified by WMP officers - there is widespread testimony on this from survivors. This happened to me. Many of those witness statements were taken not for Taylor but for the inquests, which is a course of justice

6/ If the CPS had had the appetite to really uncover the Hillsborough cover-up, they would have looked at the collusion between SYP and WMP, and not simply the production of statements within SYP

7/ It stands to reason that as SYP were under investigation by WMP, and significant evidence has arisen since 1989 of corruption of evidence, then there might be a concern around collusion between the two forces

8/ It is also known that the WMP investigation was led by two officers, one of whom was a superintendent who was suspended from duties at the time he took an active role in the Hillsborough investigation

9/ That superintendent was the former commander of the West Midlands Serious Crime Squad, which was disbanded in August 1989, following concerns over its serial wrongdoing. He was suspended, pending that investigation, yet assigned to work on Hillsborough

10/ The statements taken by WMP officers from survivors and other witnesses were part of the process of the inquests, a legal course of action. Had the CPS properly investigated the role of the WMP as well as SYP, we would have begun to address the full cover-up...

11/ ... and gone a long way to avoiding the case foundering on the technicality that Davis invoked yesterday.'

'1,600 Hillsborough notepads found in police basement on eve of disaster trials':-

'Discovery almost 5 YEARS after force directed to search for relevant material'

'The Hillsborough families were silenced and failed by a shambolic 'justice' system':-

'Hillsborough: last chance of justice slips away for bereaved families':-

'Lack of Hillsborough accountability is a scandal, says minister' (Jacob Rees-Mogg & Maria Eagle):-

'Adrian Chiles sorry for not challenging QC’s ‘evil nonsense’ Hillsborough claims':-

Chiles said that ‘calamitously and incompetently’ he was momentarily distracted during the interview and did not hear the comments.

'Hillsborough: mayors accuse QC of ‘repeating lies’ about Liverpool fans':-

Call for barrister defending South Yorkshire police’s former solicitor to retract comments and apologise

'Covid bereaved join call for ‘Hillsborough law’ to force duty of candour':-

'The Hillsborough families’ ordeal has ended in an insult: no one is accountable':-

'The Guardian view on Hillsborough: unjust to the bitter end' (Editorial):-

'The collapse of the last Hillsborough trial shows our legal system is broken' (by Andy Burnham):-

'Hillsborough: Timeline of the 1989 stadium disaster':-

28th May...

'Hillsborough solicitor probed by regulatory body over police statements':-

Peter Metcalf, one-time lawyer for South Yorkshire Police, is facing a Solicitors Regulation Authority probe over the doctoring of statements which prosecutors had claimed were designed to 'mask the failings' of the force after the disaster

The Judge's ruling today (26th May) seemingly gives a greenlight for those in authority to never have to tell the truth in any future inquiries.

^ Front page of the Liverpool Echo on Thursday 27th May, 2021. -

3rd June...

'‘Judicial’ Hillsborough inquiry questionnaires cast doubt on trial ruling':-


The 'Hillsborough trial collapses' thread (in the 'Liverpool FC' section of RAWK - covering what occurred today):-

'South Yorkshire police agree payouts for Hillsborough ‘cover-up’':-

More than 600 people to be compensated over false police campaign that sought to blame victims for disaster

'Hillsborough: Police forces agree cover-up compensation for victims':-

The South Yorkshire and West Midlands forces agreed the settlement earlier in 2021 following a civil claim.

'Police issue “unreserved apology” and admit “serious mistakes” after Hillsborough':-

South Yorkshire police have admitted to “serious errors and mistakes” that led to the unlawful killing of the 96 victims of the Hillsborough disaster.

'Hillsborough police cover-up settlement: Saunders Law leads the team securing settlement':-

601 Hillsborough victims secure settlement of civil claims over police cover-up

A statement from the family of Andrew Devine



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