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Ah, didn't actually know about their reputation. Richer Sounds sometimes have some bargains, but again not sure about their delivery. It's not an electronic site as such, but have you tried That might throw up some alternatives...

I think Richersounds only do Plasma and LCD unfortunately  which is a shame as its a bit above their price range

Currys are selling the Philips 32PW9570 for 499.  I've had the previous pixel plus 2 model for over a year and think it's great, mates just bought one of the 9570s and is over the moon with it.  It's got three scarts, two of which are RGB.  Not sure what their delivery policy is but might be worth a look even though i hate the thought of buying anything from Currys.

Currys/Dixons have some apparently great offers at the moment, the problem is when I try to buy them they all show as having no stock !

Might be worth enquiring in store.  I managed to get a pioneer DVD recorder from comet last year at the price stated on the web (was 100 cheaper online!) and that was in Derry.  Think it depends on who you speak to on whether or not they're willing to be flexible.


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