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--- Quote from: hixxstar on January  2, 2022, 07:00:22 pm ---Nice 1... will look..  :thumbup

Edit: Thanks again .. ordered it, £54 free p&p do for me..  8)

--- End quote ---

You're welcome.I often buy refurbished when it's from the actual website,comes with a 12 month warranty so you can't go wrong & it looks like you got the last one.

Let us know how it sounds.  :thumbup


--- Quote from: WhereAngelsPlay on January  3, 2022, 03:14:22 pm ---Let us know how it sounds.  :thumbup

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Arrived yesterday... All bang on, boxed-looks mint  8)
Sound is Big... nice thick bass, stereo sound spread wide also... only 24" wide too.. works fine with Sony TV ARC... 8)

Check this too, Mate give me a Yamaha YSP-1100 soundbar that wont turn on anymore ?.. turns out it could be a £3.00 capacitor, i gonne fix and see  ;D

My Oled has succumbed to screenburn, not entirely a shock as I did use for some PC work as well, but still a reminder that it can happen even with the newer panels (it was just over 3 years old).

Beyond economic repair but retailer was very fair and gave a decent offer in terms of either a replacement or cash towards a replacement.

So I'm taking the opportunity to upgrade from 55 to 65.

Which set was it Phil? Got a 65” C1 on my ‘to buy’ list once a few other bits paid off.


--- Quote from: Graeme on February 23, 2022, 05:24:26 pm ---Which set was it Phil? Got a 65” C1 on my ‘to buy’ list once a few other bits paid off.

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Old set was a Panny 55FZ802, going for a LG 65C1 myself now.

Only annoyance is that there aren't any decent offers now, but I have gone through Costco as they will price match any future reductions for 30 days (as opposed to the usual 14) and it seems the new models will be out imminently, so hopefully should see some decent reductions coming through soon.


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