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#SHANKLY100 Shankly Quotes - and is there a Shankly archive?

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Rest well, Bill. You did us proud, mate.

Never, ever to be forgotten.

What a man.



You'll never walk alone.  Thank you.

Ben S:

--- Quote ---Just had a look cyn... it looks like that's where they came from originally. In which case I guess there's a link from RAWK to there already...

--- End quote ---

Theres two actually... One in the little links box on the RH side of the main page and one in the links database

Phuket Red:
I've sittin here laughin out loud like a nutter.....What a man.  Didn't take any shit from anyone and made this club what it is by demanding the best from every player.  

A true legend.

Another story, told by David Neve on RAOTL:

:.......LFC had travelled to a European away fixture and at the time the club used to fly Aer Lingus. Shanks invited the pilot to sit on the bench with him and the subs etc.

The score was 0 - 0 with LFC needing a goal to win. So Shanks asked the person next to him who he should put on. 'Boersma' came the reply. So Phil Boersma stripped off, came on and scored the winner.

Shanks later congratulated Ruebin Bennett for suggesting the substitution. Bennett said it wasn't him. When Shanks asked who it was then, he was told it was the Aer Lingus pilot he had asked!

Shankly, YNWA


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