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When was the last time Liverpool wore their....

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away top at Anfield for a competitive match??

I seem to remember a few years ago that if colours clashed the HOME side wore their change strip rather than the away side. Am I remembering the situation correctly or am I imagining things again?

Don't think that comes into it. If your playing away you wear your away kit as we did in the Camp Nou, Ali Sami Yen and Stadio Olimpico. I think its only internationals where this rule applies.  :wave:

In Europe(well Belgium)its the home team that changes strip!

Am I missing the point or something? Why is it called an away strip then?

And another thing. What are the exact rules on this? I thought it was if any part of the visiting team's strip was the same as any part of the home team's, the visitors had to change.

But I've seen loads of Prem games where the away team wears the same colour shorts and socks as the home team.

I remeber LFC playing in green/white quadrants at home in a european tie in recent years - 90's I think the opposition was scandanavian.

Is my mind playing tricks witht excitement of the roma game?


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