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Been fine for me, other than saying they were doubling speeds for free, then the next week informing us their prices were going up

Les Willis:
I've had Virgin for about 8 months and have had problems with the internet about 4 or 5 times and the TV and phone a couple of times as well. When it was first installed, they had a setting on the box outside wrong, which caused the internet to fail intermittently. They do generally send an engineer out quite quickly once they've established the issue, but on the whole, I'd say I've been quite unlucky for problems. (Maybe my postcode).

Havent had any problems with them, wish they didnt fuck with youtube on tivo though, it was perfect before and is now shit.


--- Quote from: Sharado on June 12, 2012, 02:08:07 pm ---I couldn't find a thread on this shower, but if I've not looked hard enough then mods please merge or move. I've just had it installed (4 days ago to be precise) and it's fucking broken already. No internet, no tv - nothing. Not a single fucking channel. Now I've either got to take a day off so one of their engineers can come round and ask me 'have you tried turning it off and back on again', or wait until saturday [it broke on sunday evening] with no service whatsoever. This is off the back of nearly 3, generally speaking, problem free years with Sky providing the same stuff. So some questions:

- Has anyone else had bad experiences with this lot?
- Has anyone left a contract with them early, and if so what were the consequences [if any]?
- Can that bearded twat do anything right, or is he more arsed about messing about with Usain Bolt than running any type of efficient service?

I'm absolutely fuming at the moment, and short of old beardy offering me a free space flight can't see me ever using Virgin again.

--- End quote ---

I had the same problem with everything going off - The best way to sort it is to ring them and sound as angry and frustrated as you can (not in an aggressive tone) and they'll soon move into gear. We were told by one operator that an engineer wasn't available til Friday (This was on a Tuesday night) then when put through to another one 15 mins later, I was told that one would come round at 8am the next morning and they did.

They provide a good service when any problems arise i.e. if your virgin media box is broke then 9/10 they'll provide you with a new box for nothing.   

Fucking hate them! They say I should get 60mb broadband I get 10. Fuck them. I've had 5 engineers round jack all! But my mum's had 300+ in compensation :D


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