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anyone have a space for one for USG from London, please?

or even i guess somewhere “en route”. i can’t drive too long cos my eyes aren’t great at night. happy to chip in of course.

Anyone travel to home games from accrington/blackburn or nearby

Trains on Sundays becoming a joke, will help with petrol and parking costs of course

space in a car going from Warrington to the Sheff united game tomorrow evening dm if wanted


--- Quote from: theshirtmyfatherwore on May  5, 2023, 06:17:17 pm ---Anyone driving to the game tomorrow from accrington/blackburn area. Will happily chip in with petrol etc

--- End quote ---

Looking again if anyone can help, im not aware of any coaches or supporters clubs but never know.

anyone happen to be heading back to London after Chelsea? preferably south london but wherever is fine i guess


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