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Have the selling arrangements changed?


You may have noticed from my many moans and pleas in th ticket forum recently, that I have not been getting tickets for home games.

I have been doing what I have always done to get tickets, trying the CC line (but never getting through because our BT exchange is shite) and sending a postal 4 days before the first day of sale. I have ALWAYS got tickets this way for the last four years (except last year when I was in the PTS).

Now I havent had tickets for Newcastle, Chelsea, Charlton and Blackburn and some of the great guys on here have been sorting me out. Is there something I should know about the ticketing procedure? Has it changed or am I just being unlucky?

Dunno might just be unlucky.  I always thought that if your application arrived b4 teh first day of sale then your application was rejected (hence the reason why I always sent my application in the day b4 first class to arrive on sale day) but obviously I may have been mistaken. (unless that is the case but the post was so shit b4 it took 4 days to arrive  ::) )

Sending in your app before the first day of sale has never been a problem, the TO just put them on one side until the first day of sale - in fact, it was usually a good idea, as they might be nearer the top of the pile and have a greater chance of success.

My guess, and it's only a guess, is that with us being in with a shout for the title, more and more people are applying for tickets for the matches as the end of the season approaches so your chances of getting one are less as a result.  Also, with the easier access to information on how to apply, i.e. on this site, .tv etc, more people now know how to apply (sorry!).

No real way to improve your chances, unfortunately, but to just keep plugging away.  One thing that sometimes helps is if you are only asking for one ticket, as there's often odd seats around, though it means you are sitting by yourself - at least you're there!!  That said, I know several people who got knocked back for Chelsea only asking for one ticket, so what do I know!  ;D

Agree with Dave's comments.

With the way the league is developing, those season ticket holders or PTS who maybe weren't that keen earlier on in the season are now taking up their options making it more difficult to get tickets. E.g. someone who used a ST belonging to someone else, may not have access to it now and so is having to apply by post, decresing the chances of everyone else using this method.


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