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Season ticket questions... Help me out!

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I'm thinking about applying for a season ticket for next season, so could any ST veterans help me out with these questions?

How long's the waiting list?

What's the best part of the ground to apply for? (To have the best chance of getting a ticket)

Can you share your ST with anyone? (As I'm in Scotland I fancy sharing an ST with my cousin, who can't afford a whole season, and I can't afford to get down to every game).

Cheer la's.

Bad news nokes.  The season ticket list is very long.  It is at about 13,000 at present.  This does include things like duplicate applications and people who have got season tickets passed onto them and not taken their name off the list.  How long you have to wait depends on how many give up their season ticket each season.

Say only 100 a season gave up their season ticket then you would have to wait 130 years (assuming capacity remains as it is).  Since the redevelopment is prob more than likely to take place, and if they keep the 70% of capacity for ST holders, then when redevelopment is complete the waiting list will be cut by around 7,000.

It all depends on what is happening with redevlopment and how many give up their season tickets.


Looks like I'll have to fall back on criminal means then.

If it wasn't for RAWK I'd be stuffed this season so cheers everyone.

So no shortcuts? What are your experiences of getting a ST then?

Still waiting for my own but I have been using some1 elses a couple of times this season.

Write the club and get your name put on the list.  You may have to wait a few years but when you do get it you will be more than happy, I am sure.

Bad thing is, when someone no longer wants their season ticket, they pass it onto a mate or someone they know and it appears that the only way the list will go down at all is through death (sorry to be morbid) or honesty.

My season ticket isnt in my name and there are many like me - it will get even worse if there is a "name-changing amnesty" like there was a while back - cant see this happening again though (Twat!!  :P).

Long wait it seems mate.


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