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If theres such agreement, including Ben, then who the hell deleted my post calling England wankers and asking why anyone even cared??

If any of the people who hate england are english, they should take a long hard look at themselves in the mirror and ask why!

Apart from that i can see why people don't want to spend 22 quid on a match when it's only a friendly that we're likely to lose!

People dont seem to care about England because they dont have anything to indentify with as regards to the National team!!
The fans, or at least the bulk of the fans come from the South (no offence to any Southern Reds!) and usually support teams who dont really have much to shout about.
Also, its the nationalistic ideals of being an "England Fan" doesnt appeal to me. I have followed Liverpool thru Europe and had some great days abroad, mixing with fans of various opposition teams, even Romans!! If i was to go and watch England abroad (and i wont!!) i would not feel at ease, with trouble and violence seeming to follow INGERLAND around the continent (except when in Holland, wonder why that was/is - anyone??).
After the Alaves game, i even find myself alligning myself with Spain more than England (ALAVES, ALAVES, ALAVES!!).

Being from Liverpool, of Italian ancestory, i let out a hell of a YEEESSS when Montella scored last nite! Sorry if this doesnt fit in with the "Wheres your pride in your own country??" thing!

This said, there are times when i cant help myself but to squeal with excitement at an England match ; the 5-1 game in Germany for example - i didnt want to show any kind of buzz that England were winning, and i dont have any kind of hatred for Germany like so many England fans, bu i couldnt help it.  Maybe it was because of the scorers in that game, i dont know?  One thing tho, i wasnt just supporting England because they were winning!!

So there it is, thats why i dont care about England - anyone wanna take me up on this??

Craig S:
Completely agree, plus

Plastic S*n bowler hats.
Xenophobic press portraying England players in army hats, splashing Krauts etc all over the front pages.
"2 world wars & 1 world cup"
Booing Johnny Barnes & a campaign to undermine him by a certain rag.
The conduct of England supporters home & abroad.

I could go on. I don't want to associate myself with any of the above. I suppose in some ways I'm a turn coat as I did support them when I was a kid. Then again I used to piss myself & eat my own snot too. (er I'm talking about when i was really little, just to clarify that).

I go cos I like to see the National team play. Keep myself to myself though and agree with the points about the S*n hats and southern bias etc. I dont feel guilty about going but I would certainly not join the England Club etc. Very strange undertones going on there.



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