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What the demand for tickets has been like for the England v Paraguay game at Anfield next month - are many local people going?

I've got one in the Kop and I'm welsh. That sums it up.

Surprisingly slow sales. Kop still on sale a week after the phones opened.

Take a look at There is a link off the front page to the ticket sales.

I've bought 10 and taking a minibus full of friends to hopefully see one or two mighty reds get a run out.


Ive got my tickets. Middle of Kop, thanx to ticketmaster.

Now I hope we put a half-decent team out for the game. doesnt seem to be working on my computer, dunno why. When you select the tickets wanted the site cgi script hangs.  ???

Just took a look now and ticketmaster offered me row 67 seats 58 & 59 for the kop.



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