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Bayer Leverkusen - anyone got tix yet?

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Sorry if this is inappropriate use of this page - is it??

I sent my Dorty/Roma stubs off last week and with the bank holiday coming up was wondering if we'd get the tix before Tuesday... has anyone got theirs yet or got any idea as to when they will arrive?

Is it worth calling the box office?!?!?!?


Non season ticket applications were being processed from today (Wednesday) according to the announcement so second class post would normally arrive friday- a bank holiday. I assume some will arrive saturday and alot more on the tuesday.


I heard that the queue at the ticket office went all the way round the ground.  And they had all 20 windows open for it.

Shit I havent been down for mine yet. Reckon the Q will still be massive? Or will there be any tix left?

dunno.  You may wanna ring the ticket office up on your way down to see if they still have some left.  Don't forget the ST holders are likely to have taken up all of their allocation so there will only have been about 10,000 to 12,000 available to stub holders.


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