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Spurs thread?

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Is there going to be a thread for the spurs away game and when do tickets go on sale , also could we get rid of the games that have been played as its very messy in here

There will be a Spurs thread and I aim to be top of it!

Dave_W told me yesterday that he expects the ticketing to be announced this week.


We'll put a thread up as soon as the club announces details, which we expect to be Wednesday or Thursday for a first day of sale on Friday (but second guessing the LFC TO is an inexact science at the best of times, so don't quote me!  ;D ).  

However, most of the staff will be heading for the match on Wednesday, so the thread may not go up straight away - apologies now for any delay.

Cool, cheers for that and how bouts getting rid of the games that have been played ?

the reason for leaving them up was so that people coming on the site can see that you can get sorted here and/or tickets go to good Reds and might offer them.

Can delete the threads if people feel that strongly about it - current games are the sticky threads at the top of the page and those that have gone are made 'unsticky' and start dropping down the page, so hopefully it is clear to everyone.


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