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Charlton ticket stubs.....

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CL 1/2 final is the only one I can think of- if we get there!    course we will!


Surely they wont use league stubs for it tho - its more likely to be 2 or 3 Champions League ones innit??

sorry- you missed my point. Cant see any league game needing stubs. Only stubs will be for CL i reckon.

But on the subject of loyalty/ stubs etc I am very confused about the mancs away (if we reach there). Club should award away tickets to the ETC. But that would mean, say, your casual punter who may have done one european away and 3 or 4 home league games getting priority over the season ticket holder ( a cardinal sin !) I have simplified it but you know what i mean.


John Barnes, Anchorman:
I think it should be ST holders, not ETC.  There are people who go away in Europe and hardly any of the mundane home games.  It is quite important, as it could effect the nature of support the team gets at Old Trafford if we end up there.

I know we don't get many tickets, but if we get to Old Trafford what about half and half?  Half the tickets to ETC holders and half to season-ticket holders.  OK, some people will qualify twice, but there might be less moaning that way.  

Where do we stop? 1/2 & 1/2 for BL next week? 1/2 & 1/2 for the next game at the Nou Camp- got to be next season at this rate. This is Europe. Some clubs are closer to one another than some.
Some people at the ticket office must be losing sleep about this already!


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