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Brick Tamland:
Didn't manage to get to the game yesterday, so I am wondering if any one who went up would be willing to post me some Charlton stubs (ideally after 3).  I'm trying to think ahead for our title decider against Ipswich  ;) .  I will be going to Blackburn and Derby so will not need stubs from those games but wiould like Charlton ones as I don't know which game the ticket office is going to ask for stubs from (if any).

Cheers, Chris.  ;D

To tell you the truth I would be surprised if they asked for stubs for the Ipswich game.  If they were then tickets won't go on sale online (like they didn't for the manc and Everton games) Oh and Blackburn and Derby stubs will NOT be used if it does go to stub sale.  These games are played AFTER the first day of sale for the Ipswich game.

Brick Tamland:
Oh ok, thanx for the advice.  Thought they might of asked for stubs due to the likely importance of the game.

Cheers, Chris.

well it is 18 days till first day of sale so still plenty of time for the Ticket Office to devise a new way of srewing the ticketing up.

What game is gonna need stubs this season??


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