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What happens next season, do we go onto some sort of a reward scheme?

Hope so, but I think it will stay the season and then after next season the club will introduce this Loyalty/Priority scheme for Away matches. Arsenal collected names over 2 seasons and have started doing this scheme this season. My opinion is that it will be a much better system.

Apparently they wont have a loyalty scheme in place next season - they were thinking about it but Steve D (Rushian) said that they decided not to or something (he had a meeting with Parry with ILSA) but whatever way you do it someone wont be happy!

An away season ticket like some clubs (Fulham anyway) have would be a good idea but could lead to an abundance of touts so thats out.

More likely than not the present system will be in - thing about an away loyalty thing is that it will be the exact same people getting away tickets year after year as they will have been in from the start - it'll end up seeming as unfair as using ST vouchers!

If they record names and addresses over the next 5 years then if you aint been to an away you don't deserve to.  ;D

Aye but what if you were like 12 now and when you were 16 you wanted to start going away and stuff??

Theres many an if but and maybe - i didnt start going away properly til this season!!


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